Worker management system in C with source code

Worker management system in C with source code


Worker management system project is a command-line based project. This project is coded in C language. It is useful for managing worker in a company.

Worker management system is useful for managing employers or labor in a company. It is a very useful tool for managing workers. It has a command-line interface. This project is easy to use and implement.  It is a very useful project for beginners. This project has a lot of options. The project performs CRUD operations without errors.

You need to compile and execute the project. The source code for this project is provided in this blog. The home screen or main menu includes some options. You need to choose one of the options which you require. The main menu has five options. Such as Add worker, List workers, delete workers, modify and exit. This menu option works according to your choice.

worker management

Building the project worker management

The add contact allows you to add a contact. You must input 1 to add a new person. You need to input personal information. Such as name, age and salary. The information will be saved automatically saved on dat file. You can store many information about many workers. The list option lists all the worker information.Also the modify option will help to edit worker information.

You need to input new information in this worker management project. While modifying the information you must enter added name to find information. The delete option deletes the worker from the system. Just enter the name of worker and delete. We all know that exit will definitely close the system. This is how the system works. It is easy to understand the project code too.

The interface is friendly and hope there will be no difficulty using this project. You will not find any error while using this project. This project is open source and free to use. You will require a dev c++ tool. Download the project and get experienced by yourself.

How to use this project ?

  • Download the project.
  • Get the software Dev C++ or any other editor. 
  • Open the code in an editor.. 
  • Compile and execute the code.
  • Use the project.
  • Enjoy!

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