What is Vue.js framework?

What is Vue.js framework?


Vue.js framework is a JavaScript framework used for creating user interfaces. Vue.js is an open-source model view viewmodel frontend framework.

Vue.js framework is developed by Evan You and is written in typescript. Vue.js was first released in February 2014. It is lightweight and the size is just 33.30KB min+gzip. Vue.js is reguarded as an advanced framework for developing user interfaces. Vue.js is developed from the bottom to be incremental adoptable. It has become so much popular in a very short period of time.

The vue library is pretty easy to pick for your project. Vue.js is also capable of creating a single-page application.  Vue utilizes the html oriented template syntax that permits binding the concentrated DOM. Vue.js components extend html elements to compress reusable code. Vue.js lets you extend HTML with HTML attributes called directives. Vue.js directives offer functionality to HTML applications.

It provides built-in directives and user-defined directives. Vue.js uses double braces {{ }} as place-holders for data. Vue is used not only for the web but also for both desktop and mobile applications. Vue.js was an attempt to take the best of Angular and build a custom tool, but a lighter-weight one.  The applications build on Vue.js are robust, secure, and more modular than others.

Why choose Vue.js framework?

VueJs is a fast growing framework. Vue is much more fun to learn compared to other frameworks. The ecosystem of vue.js framework is expressed quite clearly. Developers do not have to waste their time in choosing the right framework as vue is available. It is one of the easiest framework to learn and use.

To learn this framework, you must have at least basic knowledge of javascript and html. Vue was built to overcome the weak point of angular and react. Vue.js has go the best doc library you could ever find. Vue.js does not make full assumptions about a lot of things. It simply just accepts that your information is going to change.

Features of Vue.js framework  

  • Ease to use and implement.
  • Virtual DOM.
  • Simple integration and more flexibility.
  • Data Binding.
  • Animations and transitions.
  • Better runtime performance and Optimization.
  • Boost performance and progressive.
  • High performance.

Websites using Vue.js framework

  • Facebook
  • Xiaomi
  • Netflix
  • Adobe
  • Alibaba
  • Grammarly
  • Laracasts
  • Behance
  • Gitlab


  • Single file components and components reusability.
  • Combinations of react and angular framework.
  • Small size application with excellence.
  • Developers friendly.
  • Detailed documentation.
  • Two way communication.


  • Language barriers.
  • Vue.js is not supported by large community of active programmers.
  • Plugins are limited.
  • Over flexibility that leads to errors and make project complicated.
  • Lack of experienced developers.
  • Limited resources.
  • Lack of support for large scale projects.