Dummy text

Dummy text


Dummy text is a random text that has no sense. It is a text without meaning, information, story, or anything. Dummy text is used as a placeholder only.

Dummy text is very useful for graphics and web development. It works as a sample text format. It is known as Lorem Ipsum. It was in use since 1960s. This type of text is found in templates or websites that are kept for samples. The Ipsum text can be later replaced by real text. It is available in different languages. This text gives the layout the designer needs for their graphics. This text gives the designers and developers a vision how a finished product looks like.

This Ipsum has no meaning but it has a great use. Many developers use this random text for their projects. The point of using lorem ipsum random text is more or less distribution of letters using content here making look like readable English. Many websites and advertisers use these text as their default model text. It is open, free, and available online. Anyone has access to this lorem text on the internet. All you have to do is copy and paste.

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