C sharp (C#) programming language

C sharp (C#) programming language


C sharp (C#) is a simple, modern, general-purpose programming language. It is an object-oriented programming language. C sharp is derived from C++ and Java programming.

C# is use for developing applications for the Microsoft platform. Dutch software engineer Andres Hejlsberg founded and released C# in 2000. It requires the .Net framework to perform a certain task. Csharp works on cross platforms. C sharp aims at developers creating applications using .Net framework. It inherits most of the features of C++ and Visual basics. The program is improving and updating with many attributes. The features like Boolean data variable, memory management, integrated safe type, finding errors, compiling and executing the programs.

Why learn C sharp (C#)? C# has achieved incredible popularity in the industry. It includes rich sets of instruction statements. This program is useful in creating a variety of applications. C sharp is flexible and supports multiple cross platforms. C# has a large collection of predefined classes. C# provides the availability of the tool which makes it easy to create the graphical user interface. Writing code and designing for the project is easy. Designing the C# from scratch to provide internet and windows applications. The C# program is mostly coded in visual studio which is an IDE. It provides the perfect interface to learn and built projects.

The most interesting part of C sharp is game development. It uses the most popular Unity game engine. Unity is a cross-platform game engine developed by unity technologies. The game engine uses different programming languages. Among them, C# is the most popular one. Today, top games are using unity. C# integrates with Microsoft to target large audience. C# has a large community for new tools that make it even better. The latest features upgraded in C# makes an advance game language.

Features of C Sharp (C#)

  • Simple and Modern.
  • Object Oriented Programming.
  • Type safe.
  • Scalable and updatable.
  • Interoperability and flexibility.
  • Huge sets of libraries.

Types of Application Developed with C#

Web applications

A web application is a client-server program that execute in a web browser. C# is useful for building web applications targeting the end-users. Web application uses web forms. Web forms are part of ASP.NET technology. Web forms are be useful for building user interfaces for web applications. C# provides ASP.NET which is a programming framework. ASP.NET lets you create the app that executes on a Web server.

Windows graphical user interface applications

A graphical user interface (GUI) is a type of user interface through which the user interacts with electronic devices. A GUI is designed for desktop use and for a single platform. Windows GUI can be developed using menus, pictures, widgets, etc. GUI can be developed by dragging and dropping the control widgets on the screen. Visual Studio is used for creating windows GUI applications. It allows dragging control items on the screen.

Console-based applications

A console-based application is a computer program which is using via terminal or command line. Console applications usually send a request to the operating system and executed data are displayed on the command line. Console applications are the easiest approach for the beginner to learn software development. It includes the ability to insert data and generate the output at the same time.

Exploring the C# program

c sharp


  • Install necessary libraries including .NET framework.
  • IDE like Visual Studio, Vs Code…, are required to code C#.
  • Web browsers like chrome, Firefox are required for web applications.