Tip calc in C++ with source code

Tip calc in C++ with source code


Tip calc is a tip calculator based mini project in c plus plus(C++). It is a C++ programming-based project. It is easy to use and implement.

Tip calc project is coded in C++ programming. This project is good for learning and understanding c programming. The program is useful for calculating tip in a restaurant. Simply, it deals with calculating the total amount with percentage and splitting the bill. First the user must input the total amount then the program asks to input the total number of person for splitting the bill and the percentage that needs to be applied.

After the calculation is done you will see the result how much each person should pay. This code is easy to understand. You need to compile and execute the program to see how the program works. It has command-line interface and is very easy to use and implement. It is a very useful project. You must download program C based code editor. Such as DevC++, Turbo C, Visual studio, etc.

tip calc

How to use this tip calc project?

  • Download the project extract the source code.
  • Open DevC++ or any other.
  • Open the project folder in the editor.
  • Compile and Execute.
  • Enjoy and share.

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