What is PHP program? Features, Merits & Demerits

What is PHP program? Features, Merits & Demerits


PHP program stands for Hypertext Pre-processor. It is an open-source, scripting and object-oriented programming language.  

PHP program is especially built for web development. The creator of PHP is Danish Canadian and release it in 1994. PHP is useful for developing dynamic websitesIt is simple and easy to learn. This program is interpret and does not require compilation. This program php is totally free and does not require any cost. It is not a front end language.

PHP is actually a backend scripting language. MySQL, Maria DB, Oracle and many other databases are useful using PHP. Most people said that it is very difficult to learn. Well it is not difficult. It is easy. You just require some basic knowledge of html, css, js, sql etc. The php code is embedded inside html code. PHP is one of the high demand programming language.

php program

Any website that is build till today includes PHP program somewhere. Using PHP you can develop dynamic websites on your own. You can easily get familiar with PHP once you start using it. This is how you write PHP code inside html.

<!DOCTYPE html>
            echo "Hi I like PHP programming.";
            echo "What about you?";

PHP program Frameworks

As we all know that php program is widely used programming language. PHP has its own framework. A php framework is a platform for developing web application. It basically provides structure. Using framework will definitely save time and effort. It also reduces repetitive code. The framework provides an attractive user interface. PHP framework makes very ease in development.

Framework also further provides security. The framework must use MVC architecture. There are many useful and more popular php frameworks. Such as Laravel, CodeIgniter, Symfony, CakePHP, PHPixie, Zend PHP, Phalcon, Fuel PHP, Slim, and many others. Among these laravel is considered as the most secured and popular frameworks.

Features of PHP program

Open source and platform independent.

Well PHP is free and open source programming language. Another advantage is it is platform independent. You can use php on any platforms like Windows, Mac, Linux and others. The code can be executed on any platform. You should not have to change operating system while using php. It is multi-platform and portable programming. It is easy to interact various databases using php.

Simple, faster and easy to learn.

PHP is simple. It is quicker and not difficult to learn. Most people say it is difficult programing. Well you must have some basic knowledge of js, css, html and sql. The work of php is embedding inside html code. All you have to just add php code inside html. PHP provides functionality to a website.

Error reporting and Flexibility.

It is very easy to find out the error in PHP. PHP has built in function for error reporting. Whenever you get fault in your code is shows the error. PHP Is also flexible in nature. It can be use with any programming. Further it can run on multiple operating system. It also supports command line and GUI. PHP scripts can easily execute on any devices.

Community support and well documented.

PHP is widely adopting by programmers and developers. Most people are using PHP. There is a huge php community. These community helps beginners providing solutions. These worldwide volunteer provides new version of PHP libraries. The PHP has a well-documented site. This site provides new php releases. Further It provides information of php functions, variables… and meny more.


  • Easy to learn and implement.
  • Open Source programming.
  • Security and Flexibility.
  • Powerful library support.
  • MVC pattern and built in functions.


  • Not suitable for large applications.
  • Possibility of SQL injection attack.
  • Weak type.
  • Not able to handle a large number of app.
  • Declining popularity