Treasure island in python with source code

Treasure island in python with source code


Treasure island is a beginner-level python project. It is coded in Python. Treasure island is a story-based project that takes the user to the destination.

Python is an interpreted, object-oriented, high-level programming language with dynamic semantics. Python supports many packages and modules. But in this project, we are not using those packages. It is a simple project built using logical statements. We are using nested if else and comparison operators in this project. Further, we are using ANSII art in this project.

treasure island

ANSII art is the image representation made using numbers, letters, special characters, etc. In this project, choices are made. The storyline of the project is to reach the island and get the treasure. The decision should be made which option should he choose. When the project starts the user chooses the path, if he chooses the wrong path game ends. He moves further and reaches the lake.

If he swims he go to next step else, he will die and ends the game. After reaching island he sees a house with three doors. He must choose one to get the treasure. Choosing wrong door leads to end the game. It is a simple game. You can add more choices to this treasure island project and make it longer. See the source code for this project below.

How to use this project?

  • Copy the source code below.
  • Paste the code in your working file
  • Save with .py extension
  • Execute the project.
  • Play the game.

          |                   |                  |                     |
|                   |  ,-"_,=""     `"=.|                  |
|___________________|__"=._o`"-._        `"=.______________|___________________
          |                `"=._o`"=._      _`"=._                     |
 _________|_____________________:=._o "=._."_.-="'"=.__________________|_______
|                   |    __.--" , ; `"=._o." ,-"""-._ ".   |
|___________________|_._"  ,. .` ` `` ,  `"-._"-._   ". '__|___________________
          |           |o`"=._` , "` `; .". ,  "-._"-._; ;              |
 _________|___________| ;`-.o`"=._; ." ` '`."\` . "-._ /_______________|_______
|                   | |o;    `"-.o`"=._``  '` " ,__.--o;   |
|___________________|_| ;     (#) `-.o `"=.`_.--"_o.-; ;___|___________________
____/______/______/___|o;._    "      `".o|o_.--"    ;o;____/______/______/____
/______/______/______/_"=._o--._        ; | ;        ; ;/______/______/______/_
____/______/______/______/__"=._o--._   ;o|o;     _._;o;____/______/______/____
/______/______/______/______/____"=._o._; | ;_.--"o.--"_/______/______/______/_
/______/______/______/______/______/______/______/______/______/______/_____ /

print("Welcome to treasure island")
print("Your mission is to find the treasure")

choice1 = input('You are at the crossroad, where do you want to go? Type "left" or "right" \n').lower()

if choice1 == "left":
    choice2 = input('You arrived at lake. There is an island in the middle. Do you want to "swim" or "wait" \n').lower()
    if choice2 == "swim":
        choice3 = input('You finally arrived at the Island. There is a house with three doors. "Red", "Green" and "Blue". Choose one door. \n').lower()
        if choice3 == "red":
            print("Game Over. You just fell into a dark hole...")
        elif choice3 =="green":
            print("Congratulation..You Win. You found the treasure worth $5 million")
            print("Game Over! You entered the room with fire...")
        print("Game Over! You are attacked by wild dogs...")
    print("Game Over! You are attacked by beast...")

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