Snake game in C with source code

Snake game in C with source code


Snake game project is a c programming game-based project. This game executes with a command-line interface. It is a beginner’s project.

Snake game is a game project. This project is good for learning and understanding c programming. It is coded in c programming language. Although it has command-line interface it is very easy to use and implement. It is a very useful project. This project has a simple layout just like other mobile games. You need to compile and execute the project.

The source code for this project is provided along in this blog. When you execute the project you will see some welcome text on the screen. You can press any key to start the game. When the game is started you can see an amazing loading animation. After that you can see a big box where the snake game is played. The top left shows the score and top right shows the life of the snake. See the screenshots below.

snake game

More about snake game project

Every time the snake eats the food the score will increase. If the snake touches the box, the life will decrease or the snake will die. You will get three lives. After that when the game will be over it ask your name and lets you to save your game. The score will be saved on txt file which include player name, score, date and time. It also lets you see your past records.

This is how the system works. It is easy to understand the project code too. While using this project code I highly recommend you using Dev C++ code editor. It can do both compile and execute and also easy to find out the error. Download the project and get experienced by yourself.

How to use this project ?

  • Download the project.
  • Get the software Dev C++ or any other. 
  • Set up the code in editor. 
  • Compile and execute the code.
  • Play and make high score.
  • Enjoy and share.

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