Program C

Program C


Program C is the Procedure-oriented programming, machine-independent, and structured programming language. It is very popular and simple which provides low –level access to the memory system.

The founder and creator of the C programming language were Dennis Ritchie. This program was founded in 1972 A.D. at bell lab of AT&T. AT&T stands for American Telephone and telegraph which is located in the USA. The propose of developing Program c is to write the operating system. It has its own programming structure. The structure includes head, variable declaration, body, and returns function. Structured programming provides a logical structure on a program to write it in an efficient manner. Using C in UNIX operating system may transfer the low-level code to higher-level code and reduce the big code into small line code.

C slowly started spreading in the world. This program needs a compiler to execute the program. Many compilers are developing and releasing for cross-platforms. C is widely using in embedded systems. C is used for developing system applications. In simple words, Program C is a combination of low and high-level programming languages. One of the significant attributes of the programing language is to facilitate memory management. C does the same. Program C stores the objects in memory. The C language transfers the UNIX code from assembly to a high-level language, which would perform many same tasks in small line code.


  • It is simple, flexible and easy to use.
  • C includes inbuilt functions and operators.
  • Structured programming and machine-independent language.
  • This program supports dynamic memory location.
  • Program C provides the feature of code reusability. i.e. Recursion.
  • Broadly used in developing IOT applications.

Program C Data types

There are three data types in the C programming language. They are:

Primary Data Types

Void It indicates that the function is not a return type.
Int Indicates integer value.
Char Stores character value.
Double Can store doubles the value of the float.
Float Contain whole numeric, fractions and decimals.

Derived Data Types

Array Collection of one or more value of similar data types.
Pointer Pointer stores the address of other variables.
Reference Ease the way for passing addresses as arguments to the formal parameters.

User-Defined Data Types

Structure Provides a logical way to write a program. It chains data of various types.
Union Allows different data types to be stored in the same location.
Enum Assign names to the necessary constants.

Install Program C

There are many compilers developed to execute program c. Some compilers are Dev C++, Turbo C++, Code blocks, Netbeans, Eclipse, etc. I recommend you to use Dev C++. It is simple and easy to use. It is created for both C and C ++.

Click on this  Download link.

Follow these instructions for downloading and using the software.

Save the Dev-Cpp 5.11 TDM-GCC 4.9.2 Setup.exe. Double click the .exe file.

program c

Install the program


Open the software, use Ctrl+N as a shortcut for a new program and write your code.

new prgram 1 1024x549 1

Run and Compile.

devc 1 1024x539 1