Portfolio frontend site with source code

Portfolio frontend site with source code


A portfolio site is an impressive way to provide detailed information about yourself online on the browser by creating a site. The portfolio website provides detailed information, bio-data, and work status.

Today most of the people who are developers or individuals create their portfolio site. This kind of site provides information about themselves and their current status. This project is about building profile type websites. Programs like HTML5, CSS, Javascript, Bootstrap4…etc. All these programs are an essential part of front-end development for creating a profile based site.

HTML helps for structuring and generating web pages. CSS for providing styles. JavaScript as a backend and Bootstrap for making it responsive. Jslibraries are the most essential part of front end development. The js libraries help to provide multi-functions for a portfolio site.

You can upload your technical skills, work-status, bio-data, and personal details. It is easy to add a link to get in touch with your users on this site. You can download the project with source code to make your own portfolio site. The image below is a part of the portfolio site. The image shows the navigation bar with menu items and the skill which is an important part


The next image below shows the work status and contact part. The contact part has a link to Gmail. The user can directly contact users or customers.

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Portfolio project Attributes

  • The project is simple and easy to use.
  • It is responsive and looks attractive.
  • The project includes a slider, sticky navbar, and one-click auto top, etc.
  • It includes an email link to receive direct messages.
  • Any required menu items can be added.
  • The modification requires some knowledge about the front-end.

Project Requirements

  • Browsers like Chrome, Brave, Firefox etc, are required.
  • IDE like Sublime text, Webstorm, Atom etc. are required. 

Click the button below to download the source code for this project.