Odd or even in python with source code

Odd or even in python with source code


Odd or even is a python based programming project. This program checks whether the number entered is even or odd.

Odd or even is a python version 3.9 based program. It is a program for checking even or odd. It is a simple program with few lines of code. If the number is divisible by two it is an even number and if the number is not divisible by 2 it is an odd number. The program asks the user to enter any number, check it and provide the answer. See the code and output below.

number = int(input("Which number do you want to check? "))

if number % 2 == 0:
    print("It is an even number")
    print("It is an odd number")


odd or even

How to use this odd or even project?

  • Copy the code in an editor / IDE. (anaconda, pycharm)
  • Execute the program.
  • Check the number. even or odd
  • Enjoy and share!