Bakery frontend site with free source code

Bakery frontend site with free source code


Bakery project is a frontend web-based project. It is coded in HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript. The project is easy to use and understand.

Bakery is a frontend site. This project is using bootstrap framework, jquery and javascript. Further, it is coded in html and css. This project is specially built for bakery’s.  It will be useful for those people who have bakery shop. It is eCommerce based site. The customer can order cake, sweet using this website. This project is simple and easy to use. It has beautiful design and an attractive layout.

Bakery project is responsive from small device to large. This project is very effective in learning. The project has the transparent navigation with many items. Such as logo, menu-items, contact no, and cart. Below the menu, it has a shops’ banner. It has a explore button with some welcome words. You can see the output below.


More about bakery project

About us page is just below the banner. You can write about your shop. On the right side it has image with frame hover animation. When you hover the image the frame applies to the image. The store menu has category, search bar and images. The images have a hover and shadow effect. On hover, the image shows the box shadow, zoom in image and cart.

You can click the image for order also. The service menu has a parallax image effect. You can see when you scroll down. The order menu lets you to make order and includes various options. Bottom part includes contact information of the shop. You will learn new skills in this code. The project will be productive for you. Download the project and use the code by yourself.

How to use this project?

Click the button below to get the source code for this project.