Treasure map in python with source code

Treasure map in python with source code


Treasure map is a python based programming project. The use of this project is marking the mark on the map. It is easy to use and implement.

Treasure map is a python version 3.9 based program. It is a logical program for marking the treasure. It is a command-line based program. This project puts the mark on the 3×3 map. The project has a 3×3 square boxes which are represented in row and column.

To mark on those square boxes, the user must input two integer numbers. Based on the entered integer numbers the place of one square will be marked as X. It is one of the hardest program for finding the logic while solving it. See the screenshot below.

treasure map

How to use this treasure map project?

  • Install python.
  • Download and extract the source code.
  • Set up an editor or IDE. (pycharm, vs code, anaconda)
  • Open the python file in an editor.
  • Execute the program.
  • Put mark on the map.
  • Enjoy and Share!

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