Insect game in JavaScript with source code

Insect game in JavaScript with source code


Insect game is a web-based game project. JavaScript, HTML5, and CSS3 were used to create this straightforward game. It is easy to use and implement.

In this project, we’re creating an insect game based on insects. This game is enjoyable. Simply catch the insect on the screen to complete the task. When you finish the project, a text and button will appear. To catch an insect, you must press the button and choose it. There are cockroaches, flies, mosquitoes, and spiders. The game begins when you choose the insect.

To capture the insect, all you have to do is use your mouse. To catch the insect, you must tap on it. More taps result in a higher score. The top right corner has the score, while the top left area has the timer. More insects will appear on the screen if you play the insect game quickly. See the screenshots below to see how the project works.

  • insect game 1

Screens can display images, text and graphics thanks to HTML. The styling of the HTML content is done through CSS. The functionality of the game is created with JavaScript. The project’s user interface is altered through CSS. Its interface is very user-friendly. The mouse click feature is a JavaScript addition. The mouse buttons have a click event listener attached to them.

JavaScript code is used to create the score increase after the bug is caught. Additionally, JavaScript is utilized to automatically display insects on the screen. The more you play, the harder the game becomes. You might become irritated. Download the project to gain first-hand experience.

How to use this insect game project?

  • Download and unzip the project folder.
  • Set up an editor or IDE.
  • Open the project folder in the editor.
  • Launch the program in the browser.
  • Play the game, get the point by catching the bug.
  • Enjoy and share.

To download the project’s source code, click the button below.

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