Flutter Introduction – Advantages & Disadvantages

Flutter Introduction – Advantages & Disadvantages


Flutter is an open-source UI software development kit developed by google. It is useful for developing cross-platforms applications using a single codebase.

The first version of flutter is the sky. It is using C, C++, and a Dart program. The release date of flutter is May 2017. It uses dart as their programming language. Dart is useful for coding flutter application. It is an OOP based program. Flutter is a sdk app useful for building high-performance android and ios apps using single codebase. Google has their own native android for building android apps. The goal of developing it is to enable developer for delivering high-performance apps on cross platforms.

Further, it contains a modern react-style framework. It includes 2D rendering engine, ready-made widgets, and development tools. These components work together to help you design, build, test, and debug apps. Using it will definitely provide you a new experience. Now it won’t be necessary to learn many programming for different app development. Single codebase developed application works on cross platforms.

Flutter framework architecture

  • Dart platform,
  • Flutter engine,
  • Foundation library, and
  • Design-specific widget.


  • Fast development.
  • Cross platforms support.
  • Flexible user interface.
  • Native performance


  • Free & open source.
  • Compatibility.
  • Easy to learn and use.
  • High productivity.
  • Provides own widgets.


  • It does not support by website browsers.
  • Serves only mobile application.
  • Flutter is new and libraries are limited.


The easy way to install flutter is using android studio. The new upgraded Android studio version 4.0 can be useful for both app development. You can use visual studio code for using a platform. This flutter plugin is required for app development. I recommend using android studio. Android studio is a very useful IDE for app development. It has own emulator for testing applications. While other code editors separate software must be installed for testing app. You can go to official website for more information. I have already installed it on android studio. This is how it goes.

Download and install android studio.

flutter - img1

Click configure and select plugins.


Search and install the plugin.


Start a new project as shown in the diagram below.


Run your first project using android studio.

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